Iowa CCI Action is a proud member of People’s Action.  People’s Action is one of the largest and fastest-growing multiracial, people’s organizations in the country with 37 member organizations in 27 states and more than a million grassroots leaders.  From family farms to big cities, from coast to coast, we’re fighting for community over greed, justice over racism, and people and planet over big corporations.


Our member organizations have pledged to turn out 2,829,105 voters; engage 47,310 volunteers; and organize $6,465,210 for Presidential and down-ballot candidates that are most committed to advancing our People’s Platform, run Movement Politics campaigns, and co-govern with us and other movement organizations.  People’s Action member organizations are organizing four People’s Presidential Forums in the fall of 2019 in Iowa; New Hampshire; Nevada; and Michigan.  The People’s Forums are an opportunity for candidates to have real conversations with everyday people about solutions to the struggles facing the multiracial working class.

We are the largest organized, progressive constituency in Iowa with more than 5,100 dues-paying members in all 99 counties in Iowa. We’re young and old, rural and urban, black, brown and white, and work together like few groups do to push the bold policy solutions our communities need.  


In the last three years, more than 15,000 people have acted with us to fight for clean water, healthcare for all, $15 and a union, immigrant rights, racial justice, and to get money out of politics. We constitute a significant percentage of voters that are highly informed and committed to putting their beliefs into action by reaching out to other Iowans to build our movement.



  • Those most directly impacted by an issue should be in the driver’s seat — making decisions, crafting solutions, taking action. 

  • Policymaking should be the people’s business, not done behind closed doors by political and industry insiders.

  • We tackle tough issues by being strategic, action-oriented and persistent, and by dealing directly with decision makers.

  • We always have something to learn from each other and our allies in the movement.

  • We are all in this together. The health and well-being of all people and the planet are

  • Standing together to fight for justice brings us joy and hope.




We want to transform Iowa into a place where every person lives a joyful, healthy, fulfilling life. But right now, our communities are under constant pressure and attack from climate change, factory farms, low wages and unsafe working conditions, over policing, a failed health care system, and more. 

We’re tired of corporate-controlled industries willing to trade our health, our water, and our lives for profit. We’re ready to tell a new story, write a new future.




  • A food and farming system that benefits farmers, workers, eaters, and our environment;

  • A health care infrastructure that takes everyone in and puts profits out;

  • Law enforcement that prohibits racial profiling and police brutality;

  • Publicly run utilities that prioritize renewable energy systems;

  • A living wage and unions for all.

Iowa CCI and CCI Action organize to build the power of everyday people in Iowa’s rural and urban communities. We win change through issue campaigns and elections.

For 44 years, our mission has been simple: Everyday people can be a powerful force for justice.

CCI Action’s Presidential Endorsement Process:


This questionnaire is the first step in CCI Action’s presidential endorsement process. Our endorsement process is driven by a Presidential Leadership Team made up of 29 CCI Action leaders from across the state. This team drafted this questionnaire, will review the responses, conduct in-person and phone interviews, and invite the leading candidates to our presidential forum on Saturday, September 21 in Des Moines to speak to an audience of 3,000 people in Des Moines.


We believe that engaging in this endorsement process with CCI Action is critically important for any candidate to seriously compete in Iowa, and other early primary states.


On September 21, CCI Action will host The Iowa People’s Presidential Forum, one of the largest presidential forums in the state. Our forum will be followed by similarly aligned People’s Presidential Forums in New Hampshire, Michigan, and Nevada.




CCI Action’s Questionnaire:


These are issues that are most important to our members. Our members know these issues deeply and are willing to speak out, take action, and knock on doors to build a movement that will advance these issues.


We know that real change has always required people in action pushing for big change at a local, state and national level. No one person is going to move our agenda for us. It’s up to us to engage and deliver. We have to build political power to win. We’re ready to fight for our issues and the candidate -- or candidates -- who will fight alongside us.

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