Do you support the Green New Deal resolution?

The Green New Deal is a resolution that aims to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by instituting a job guarantee and prioritizing frontline communities that will develop into a robust set of policies.

Yes, I support.

No, I do not.

CCI Action fights for a Just Transition, which means a 100% renewable energy system that is also 100% democratically controlled by and run to serve the interests of communities of color and the working class. We know that for our energy system to work for working people and people of color, who have been the most impacted and most at risk, we can’t just switch from getting energy from fossil fuels to wind and solar; we must fundamentally transform the sector of the economy that generates, distributes and owns energy. We demand a democratically controlled, ecologically regenerative energy economy that treats access and control over clean energy as a human right.

Do you support democratizing the grid and transitioning to a grid that is 100% publicly owned and democratically controlled? How would you support the creation of publicly owned electric utilities?

For-profit investor-owned monopoly energy utilities in Iowa (MidAmerican and Alliant) have consistently attacked energy efficiency and locally owned renewable energy in Iowa while making billions of dollars of profits. The business model of investor-owned energy utilities is at odds with the transition to energy efficiency and 100% democratically controlled renewable energy.

Yes, I support.

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Failed to Answer 

How do your plans to address climate change meet the scale and urgency of the issue?

The effects of climate change have already resulted in massive devastation and, as we blow by catastrophic tipping points, we are entering into an era where the effects of climate change will grow exponentially more extreme.

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