Will you stand up for our air, water and quality of life and sign our letter calling for a moratorium on new and expanded factory farms in Iowa?

Currently, Iowa is home to over 10,000 factory farms that produce more than 22 billion gallons of manure every year, making Iowa the major contributor to the dead zone in the Gulf. The pollution generated by industrial animal operations has resulted in widespread water contamination and diminished quality of life throughout our state. What’s happening in Iowa is a model for corporate agriculture across the country.

Yes, I will stand.

Did Not Respond Directly.

Industrialized corporate agriculture has monopolized the farm economy, destroyed family farmers, poisoned our water, and damaged our environment. Our local politicians put corporate ag profits ahead of our health and the economic well-being of our communities.

CCI Action has been in the fight against corporate power and standing up for rural communities, clean water, and economic justice Iowa for decades. Hear more from CCI Action member Nick Schutt here.

How would you as president give your EPA the power to actually enforce the Clean Water Act and meaningfully address the harms of Corporate Ag and Factory Farms?