Do you support a plan to make college free for all people (C4A), which includes living expenses for poor students and covers undocumented students and formerly incarcerated students?

Free College / Loan Forgiveness

No, I do not.

In Iowa, young people who want to attend college are being forced to accept a future of devastating student loan debt. Our institutions for education are being transformed from centers of learning, to centers of profit-making, white supremacy, corporate influence, and patriarchy. For example, the University of Iowa nationally ranks eighth out of 377 public colleges in the percentage of students who come from the top 1% of family incomes. This commodification of college only benefits billionaires and corporations.

Will you publicly call upon Iowa's Board of Regents to reverse the Multi-Year Tuition Model?


In November of 2018, the Iowa Board of Regents passed the "Multi-Year Tuition Model” which guarantees tuition hikes ranging from 3-5% every year for the next five years at the University of Iowa and Iowa State.

Yes, I will.

Did not.