Do you support a plan to make college free for all people (C4A), which includes living expenses for poor students and covers undocumented students and formerly incarcerated students?

Free College / Loan Forgiveness

No, I do not.

In Iowa, young people who want to attend college are being forced to accept a future of devastating student loan debt. Our institutions for education are being transformed from centers of learning, to centers of profit-making, white supremacy, corporate influence, and patriarchy. For example, the University of Iowa nationally ranks eighth out of 377 public colleges in the percentage of students who come from the top 1% of family incomes. This commodification of college only benefits billionaires and corporations.

Will you publicly call upon Iowa's Board of Regents to reverse the Multi-Year Tuition Model?

In November of 2018, the Iowa Board of Regents passed the "Multi-Year Tuition Model” which guarantees tuition hikes ranging from 3-5% every year for the next five years at the University of Iowa and Iowa State.

Yes, I will.

Did not.

How would you ensure our public research institutions shift from serving corporations to serving the public interest?

Our public universities are dominated by corporations, influencing the subjects that are researched or not researched. For example, Iowa State University, our land grant institution, is funded by corporate agriculture, and their research serves corporate interests, ignores subjects that undermine corporate ag’s bottom line, and co-opts public funds to do it.

Free College for All Supporters

Free College for All non-supporters