Do you support abolishing ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement)?

No, I do not.

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When people respond to the chaos resulting from the US's destabilizing trade policies and military interventions by migrating, our government responds by punishing migrants with an immigration system that is a humanitarian and moral disaster. Our immigration system separates families, traumatizes children, violates human rights to asylum, violates the constitutional rights to due process, and operates camps where children are subject to violence, disease, sexual abuse, death, and life-long trauma.

Will you sign this letter supporting the repeal of SF 481?

In 2018, Iowa's passed SF 481, unconstitutional anti-sanctuary cities legislation which requires local law enforcement to "comply with any instruction" made in an ICE detainer request to hold people without a warrant or probable cause of crime.

Yes, I will.

No, I will not.

How would you use your executive authority to roll back the Trump-era immigration policies on day one of your presidency?

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What legislation would you propose address the deeper issues that pre-date Trump to institute a humane immigration system?

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