What is your plan to end the corrosive influence and stranglehold of big-money corporations on our elections and our government?

Black, brown, indigenous, women, trans, queer, and working-class people in general have not had a real stake in our government and have been intentionally excluded from having a seat at the table, while big-money corporations and billionaires rig the rules to buy our government to benefit themselves. We recognize that President Trump is a problem but he is a symptom, not the cause, of a larger system of inequality and business-as-usual politics, which maintains the political and economic status quo. Electoral moments are only one of many tools to uplift our “People and Planet First” narrative and challenge the political and economic status quo. Our movement aims to uplift everyday people and the issues we care about.

What is your plan to co-govern with - and be accountable to - people and planet-first movements if elected?

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